Arcade Etiquette

Players must be mindful of spectators and or the general public when competing. Excessive use of foul language or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated in any way.

All events throughout the BPAC Showcase will be employing the yellow and red card system. Players deemed to be behaving in a disruptive, aggressive or toxic manner will be given a yellow card for a first offence and a red card for a second. A red card means immediate disqualification from the event.

Competitors are also to be mindful of other players at all times and must not deliberately distract or inhibit another competitor.

During finals players are to be especially mindful of these rules and will be under higher scrutiny from officials.

Toward the conclusion of a head to head match during finals players must not concede, approach or interact with their opponent until it is absolutely clear the match is over.

A match is not over until a tournament director taps the leading player on the shoulder and advises them they can stop.