2024 Formats

A full description of the pinball formats can be found at this link

Monday 15th – 6pm ParkNplunge @ Coomera
Tuesday 16th – 3pm Brisbane Pinball Club @ Netherworld

Wednesday 17th
9:00 AM Moorooka Open Qualifying
10:00 AM Best Game (Day 1)
1:00 PM Classic Arcade Target Matchplay 
7:00 PM Console Speedrunning Races

Thursday 18th
10:00 AM Best Game (Day 2)
10:00 AM Fair Strikes 
10:00 AM Australian Classic Console Championships
4:30 PM Moorooka Open Finals 

Friday 19th
10:00 AM Best Game (Day 3)
10:00 AM Australian Womens Pinball Champs
4:30 PM Best Game Finals 
5:00 PM ANZAP Ceremony
7:00 PM Donkey Kong Level 3 Comp

Saturday 20th
9:00 AM Australian Kong Off VII Qualifying
10:00 AM Brisbane Pinball Masters Qualifying
12:00 PM Ultimate Punch Console Edition
4:00 PM N64 Goldeneye Comp
6:00 PM N64 Mario Kart Comp

Sunday 21st
9:00 AM Australian Kong Off VII Finals
10:00 AM Brisbane Pinball Masters Finals
5:00 PM Closing Awards Ceremony
6:00 PM Max Matchplay Closing Party
10:00 PM Netherworld After Party

Monday 22nd – 12pm Monster BPC @ Netherworld
Monday 22nd – 6pm Two-Headed Monster @ Netherworld