What is BPAC?

BPAC is the acronym for the Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective, a not-for-profit organisation committed to sharing our passion for retro-gaming with the masses via a yearly showcase!

What is the BPAC showcase?

The BPAC showcase takes place around the middle of the year and attracts competitive gamers from around the globe. The event takes place over 10 days and includes Australia’s most prestigious pinball competition, Brisbane Masters, as well the Australian Arcade Championships! The BPAC showcase grows larger every year, covering more and more facets of gaming!

Sounds great! How do I become a part of it?

BPAC is always chasing volunteers across all levels. If you have a particular skill (or games) you feel would benefit us, then reach out via gday@bnepac.org You can also pin down any of our BPAC volunteers at the event for a chat!

Our 2023 event is scheduled to kick-off on July 15th at Brewdog in the Brisbane suburb of Murrarie!

When do tickets go on sale for BPAC 2023: Thunder & Lightning?

Tickets will be available for online purchase from March 15th!

Do I need a ticket to come to BPAC 2023?

The space is open for anyone at anytime to come and explore!

Can I purchase food and drink at the event?

For sure! Brewdog Murrarie offers full bar and kitchen service until 10 pm. We also have our own dedicated food area in the beer garden for select periods!

Is there parking?

Brewdog has a large car park available to anyone attending and there is also free parking in the surrounding streets!

Are there freeplay sessions?

Absolutely! A group of games will be available to play for free over the duration of the event for all tickholders! We also have dedicated sessions for the general public that grant access to over 100 games for just $10! These will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Will BPAC merchandise be available at the event?

Yes, but runs are limited so be sure to purchase via the ticketing process to avoid disappointment!

Is other merchandise available at the event?

Soft Plunge, Double Danger and a host of other operators will have merch for sale at the event!

Is there a cloak room?

Well.. kinda. While not a room and severely lacking in cloaks, there’s a space dedicated to leaving bags and the like near our merch desk. This is, of course, at your own risk.

What time can we access the venue?

Daily access times will vary, but will always be at least 30 minutes prior to the first event scheduled.

How do I get a swag bag?

Anyone who purchases an All Access Pass, donates games, or volunteers their time will receive a bag full of extra goodies from our sponsors.

How is the sponsorship money spent?

The vast majority of sponsorship money is fed directly into prize money for their respective events with a small amount of the money going to running costs that are specific to that event.

How is the prize money decided?

Prize money is determined by the number of ticket holders competing as well as the sponsorship level!

Can I catch public transport to the event?

Yes, but give yourself plenty of time. Bus 590 will drop you off at Metroplex South, roughly an 8 minute walk from Brewdog. The 590 can be caught from Cannon Hill interchange in which several other bus routes converge.

Your Title Goes HereIs there a shuttle bus?

Unfortunately not this year.

Can I park my boat out the front?

Yes. Please. The first person to roll down with a houseboat will get a pinball machine on the deck for the duration!

Is the Closing Party Flip Frenzy the best event on earth?

Yes. Fact

Where can I find info on ticket prices and event entry?

Keep a close eye on our socials and the website: bnepac.org