Pinball Etiquette

Aside from the rules and etiquette set out below, all elements of pinball competitions including rulings, malfunctions, machine settings and player conduct will be run in accordance with PAPA/IFPA rules which can be found here.

It is assumed that all players will have read and understood all rules and etiquette set out by The Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective, PAPA and the IFPA. Not knowing a rule will not exclude a player from its application.

The pinball machines in use have been provided by venues and private collectors from all over the country and must always be treated with respect and care.

While pinball is a sport that can involve a player moving a machine in regular play – whether to make a ‘save’ or redirect a ball, excessively moving of a machine (for example, the legs of a machine being lifted off the ground) will result in the competitor being issued a yellow or red card as set out in the General Tournament Rules and Regulations

Any competitor ‘rage tilting’ (purposely attempting to cause or causing a tilt after a ball has drained) or striking a machine’s lockdown bar or glass will be issued with a formal warning – yellow card or red card – as set out in the General Tournament Rules and Regulations.